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22-Sep-2017 Greenville, SC (16 miles) Free Stuff
Theres still some oak firewood left at our place....All you need is a chainsaw andor an ax to make these pieces manageable to lift and carry away....Should be enough to fill up the bed of your pickup....Were located near Woodmont H.S. ....
22-Sep-2017 Greenville, SC (16 miles) Free Stuff
Large size pieces of SOLID white oak, anywhere from 16 to 40 long and anywhere from 6 thick to 36 thick. These trees have just been dropped and ARE NOT seasoned or split, but they are free for the taking.. The location is on Green River Rd, and hwy 221. In front of Debs Mini Mart lake blalock. Very big trees, come with help to load, first come, first serve. ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT HOLD ANY. call fo...
22-Sep-2017 Greenville, SC (16 miles) Free Stuff
Free Firewood. Already cut up into pieces 18-20 inches. All sizesUpdate - I just dropped another tree and theres much more wood available
Lots of firewood available, green fresh wood both split and whole logs, partly cured, and a more limited supply of mostly and fully cured firewood. All firewood is quality hardwood, usually mostly oak, although you can request hickory, pecan, cherry, persimmon, etc for smoking or other special purposes, and you can request sizes as 15 or shorter, about 18 average, or 20-24 long. We do segregate...
I have fire wood and cooking wood for sale. its 65.00 for the split red and white oak u pic up.i can deliver a Toyota long bed load for 85.00 with in 20miles of me. also have a trailer load 4 x 7 x 4 its 150.00 with a 20..00 delivery fee. Also have cooking wood hickory OUT OF PECAN pecan it is 85.00 for Toyota load and 250.00 for a trailer load delivard. call or text Roger 864-four two zero 706...
21-Sep-2017 Greenville, SC (16 miles) Vehicles For Sale
I sell a Ford ranger load of firewood. as seen in picture seasoned !great for camping . or bon fires!heating. can deliver up to 5 miles from the civic center. call Michael at 864-two-two-four-6516 thanks do NOT contact me with unsolicited services
17-Sep-2017 Greenville, SC (16 miles) Free Stuff
I had a tree blow over in the storm
17-Sep-2017 Greenville, SC (16 miles) Wood & Materials for Sale
Truckload of sawmill scraps for firewood, mix of pine and hardwood. You pick up. $50 per truckload
8-Sep-2017 Greenville, SC (16 miles) Free Stuff
My uncle lives in Fountain Inn, SC and has about 4.5 acres roughly 3 acres is covered in woods. He has terminal cancer and can no longer do heavy work. He a lot of trees and wants to clear out his land. I live in Charlotte and cannot get down there enough to do as much as I would like. Long story short you can get all the wood you want if you come and cut it. There is a lot of wood. He will be ...
6-Sep-2017 Greenville, SC (16 miles) Free Stuff
I need Help Last Weeks storm uprooted a huge hardwood tree which is across my yard now. I am not sure but I think it is a Black Locus tree. Makes good firewood. All the firewood you can cut is FREE. Bring your own Chainsaw and have it ready for Next winter. Call me or text.
6-Sep-2017 Greenville, SC (16 miles) Free Stuff
We had a large 100 feet tall hickory tree fall this week, and the wood is free for anyone willing to cut up sections and take it away. Take as much or as little as you want, but please CONTACT US before coming so we can show you where it is and coordinate with other parties. Trunk and limbs vary from 8 to 24 inches in different sections.DO NOT try to find the location without contacting us firs...
1-Sep-2017 Greenville, SC (16 miles) Free Stuff
I have free firewood by the road. Just come pick it up There are also a lot of branches that will be great kindling. Its all fairly well dried out and seasoned since the tree was cut down last year.There are also some large pieces of the trunk that will cut into some nice slabs if you have a mill.Bring a chainsaw if you want any of the larger pieces. First come first serve, text me or call for ...
1-Sep-2017 Greenville, SC (16 miles) Free Stuff
Left over River Birch pieces after logs hauled away. Whoever takes these pieces 1st 5 pictures gets a bonus of a pile of wood unknown type already cut. I need to be able to cut my grass again. Easy access, but near creek. It is DRY NOW, but gets soggy after big rain. Please come soon.
1-Sep-2017 Greenville, SC (16 miles) Free Stuff
Free firewood you cut.......The tree is down all you have to do is cut it up
25-Aug-2017 Greenville, SC (16 miles) Free Stuff
Free firewood. Cut in 8 to 10 length8to 24 diameter ThanksTommy
25-Aug-2017 Greenville, SC (16 miles) Free Stuff
Black oak logs and rounds. Tree was cut down in march
25-Aug-2017 Greenville, SC (16 miles) Free Stuff
Red oak firewood cut up in manageable pieces beside the road.
13-Aug-2017 Easley, SC Free Stuff
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27-Jul-2017 Greenville, SC (16 miles) Free Stuff
Come pick it up any time. Whats in the picture is what I have.
27-Jul-2017 Greenville, SC (16 miles) Free Stuff
Free logs and limbs for fire wood or mulch. There are 7 sweet gum and oak trees down and cut to two to 5ft unsplit logs. Come anytime, the wood is in the front yard, take as much as you want
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