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Kitten left from a litter found on our property.
Gaston is approx sixteen weeks old. He is adorable and love to play. His personalities will change as he continues to grow. If you are interested in adoption please contact us to fill out an application. XXXX@gmail.com ##133524##
Binx is a 4 mon old kitten who is very loving, playful, and kind. I received her from a friend who was overburdened with pets and needed some relief, unfortunately I have an allergy to her and it is unreasonable for me to keep her. She will come with a bed, carpet stand, toys, and litter box. I would like her to go to any home where she will be loved and get attention, she would be fine around ...
Super wonderful, lovebug. Elvia would be your perfect lap cat. ##87492##
We adopted Ash at 4 mnths in Harker Heights in Texas. 2015 to now Ash has been in our car he is a phenomenal cat. If you have a mouse, squirrel, or even a bunny problem this cat will remove your problem. Indoor and optional outdoor cat. Not overweight, very active and athletic. Ash is nice with babies. May be shy at 1st. Very affectionate and smart. My husband and I hate to give up our cat, but...
Baby Girl is the kind of cat that will be perfectly happy with a family that isn't home a lot. She is independent and enjoys laying around and relaxing. She will get a little nervous around children or loud noises so she would do great in a low key home where she can do what she wants, when she wants. She isn't much for playing and she might lay next to you, but she isn't a fan of being held. S...
Have 4 kittens and 1 mother cat. I have no knowledge of how old the mother is. The kittens are 7 weeks old. They are eating on their own and using the litterbox. There are 2 light gray tabby kittens and 1 dark gray. These are males. We have 1 female kitten that is a mix of gray and orange. Her coloring almost makes her look Brown. Very pretty markings. Different. The mother is a dark gray and e...
Twix is a friendly and super playful cat. He will make a lovable companion for someone. ##133670##
Adorable but shy. Nova will need a quite home and someone with patience to work with her as she adjusts to a new situation. ##133515##
Friendly alpha male who adores attention and treats. He would be best suited in a home with no other cats. Corbie is the only man you will ever need in your life. :) ##140018##
Walker is 1 of the most precious cats that I have ever met! He loves nothing more than for you to hold him, give him attention, and cuddle with him. He loves to plop down on the floor with his paws up in the air showing you how precious he is so you will pick him up. He loves to play, but can be very relaxed and just lay around in your lap or on the couch. He loves other cats and has not been a...
Looking for a cat that needs absolutely nothing from you except food and water and some play time occassionally? Well Theodore is the man for you! Theo does not like to be held, he won't sit in your lap, and if you want to go on vacation for a few days, he won't miss you a bit! He will be happy just lounging around your house keeping you company without requiring much attention at all. He likes...
Elias is a wonderful boy who would love to find a great quiet home to call his own. He loves to lay around in his favorite cat beds and relax around the house. ##110762##
Luke is a cute boy who likes to be independant. He doesn't like to be held but he will enjoy laying next to you on the couch or sleeping at the end of your bed. He LOVES to play... any type of toy, any time! He would do well in a home without little kids. He does just fine with alone time so a family or person who works long hours but would like a companion would be perfect for Luke! ##110767##
Molly is a true tortie diva! She knows she is the queen and expects you to realize this quickly. She loves to play, she seeks attention, but she isn't the biggest fan of being held. She will however sit next to you and rub against you to let you know she appreciates being spoild rotten! ##110761##
Paige is a fabulous cat! She is a little on the chunky side but that's only because she just loves her cat treats :) Paige is super precious, very playful, and also loves to lay around in the bed or on the couch with you. She likes to be held and likes attention but has no problem hanging out by herself an relaxing in front of a great sunny window! ##110763##
Temperance is a super precious cat who is on the smaller side. She loves to get attention and reward you with head buts and affection. She is playful but also loves to relax. ##110759##
Ethel is semi feral which means she does not like to be handled. She is a precious girl and will climb up on the couch with you and relax. She will come running if you open a can of cat food. She would be perfect for someone who is looking for an indoor mouser or who wants a cat that needs zero interaction. She is small and black and so often overlooked due to her fear. With the right socializa...
Phoebe is a very laid back cat. She loves to lay around and relax. She is looking for a family where she can relax on the couch, lay at the foot of the bed, and enjoy the nice life! ##110755##
Sebastian is an lovable fluffy guy who loves to relax but also loves to play! He will seek attention but also just lay around on the couch. He loves cat toys and treats! ##110756##
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